Typhonium Flagelliforme (Lodd) BL could be the scientific name for rodent tuber in English or Kapsul keladi tikus in Bahasa Melayu. It truly is also identified as Tu Ban Xia or Lao Shu Yu in Chinese. It really is categorized as an araceae plant that only reaches a height amongst 25cm to 30cm only. It grows normally in a moist habitat and should be kept from direct sunlight. The green leaves are round and pointy at the end form like a betel leaf shape. Typhonium flagelliforme / Keladi Tikus is actually a herbal plant grows in East Asia. Normally people about this region use these plants as a classic medicine in their everyday life.

Typhonium flagelliforme (keladi tikus / rodent tuber) was discovered by a professor from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Chris K.H. Teo. that is also the patron of the Penang Cancer Care in Malaysia. He found from a analysis performed because 1995 on the crop appears to successfully overcome the problem of cancer. As of August 1998, he has efficiently helped more than 800 regional and foreign sufferers, like New Zealand, America, India, Indonesia and Australia.

An additional particular person who has also carried out a investigation on the Typhonium flagelliforme (keladi tikus / rodent tuber) is Mr Lai Choo Sheen from Medicine Investigation Center, Universiti Sains Malaysia. He found that Typhonium flagelliforme (keladi tikus / rodent tuber) is made up of fitol which serves as an anti-cancer substance.

You will find also evaluations from Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta Indonesia that Typhonium flagelliforme (keladi tikus / rodent tuber) is ready to prevent the development of cancer cells by cutting the DNA chain of cancer cells.

Generally, Typhonium flagelliforme ( keladi tikus / rodent tuber) consists of detoxification agent which helps to clean toxins and increase our digestive systems in the body, improve blood circulation and restore the resilience of the missing anti-body.

Mixture of this 3 substances, enable to build the mediator that stimulates sturdy body immune method that’s perform with each other to fight cancer cells.

In addition to these three substances, it also is made up of high important amino acid known as Arginine. Within the normal development of animals, plants and microbes, Arginine operates as agents that sustain typical metabolism and propagation of cells. Also might be consumed as a day-to-day supplements in order to avoid cancer by every person specially for all those together with the high danger to become affected by cancer. (i.e. smoker and alcoholic)